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Probiotics International, Inc. was created to serve the needs of international customers looking for a high-value quality pro-biotic for use in their aquaculture business. Our bacteria are world class products, cultured and manufactured using proprietary genetic strains of bacteria and is processed using a patented method of turning the bacteria into long-lived spores. The carrier for the liquid bacteria, ABL1.6-O can be made with certified organic products and the ABL1.6, and ABP1.6 has a shelf life of 2 years.

The Probiotc Story

Probiotics International can manufacture custom blends ranging from 1.6B CFU which is always in stock, to 100BCFU on a custom basis. However we stock several products which are widely used as a feed augmentation and as a water quality improvement strategy. Orders from 200kg to 2,500kg can be filled over night.

“ABL1.6 , aquaculture blend liquid 1.6B CFU, is a liquid product with a proprietary blend of 4 bacteria totaling 1.6 x 10(9) colony forming units per ml.” Edit: the 10(9) needs to be a superscript 9, scientific notation method.

ABP1.6, aquaculture blend liquid Edit: ABP1.6, aquaculture blend powder

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The Science Behind our Products

Probiotics International engaged the internationally esteemed researchers at Auburn University to study the effects of using our probiotic blend. They were specifically looking for the benefits of

  • improved feed conversion rate

  • reduced mortality

  • resistance to disease

  • faster growth to harvest size

  • improved water quality

Details on this research can  be found here.

Landing page for the Probiotic Story.

Our unique blend of bacteria was specifically designed to provide the proper beginning balance of enzyme production to meet the needs of intense, high-biomass, operations in either ponds or raceways.

Aquaculture Blend Powder or Aquaculture Blend Liquid both contain a proprietary blend of 4 bacillus strains:

Bacillus subtilis, produces amylase and proteases enzymes for clean water.

Bacillus pumilus a strong producer of anti-microbial compounds for disease control

Bacillus Licheniformis s a bacterium that is widespread in nature and thought to contribute substantially to nutrient cycling due to the diversity of enzymes produced.

Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens is broadly used industrially to produce amylase and protease. Inb addition recent scientific studies have probiotic results.