pureBacteria™ CUSTOM

Increase biomass and harvest yield through regular use of pureBacteria™

We recognize that not all aquaculture operations are run the same way or need the same things. To ensure that all of our client's specific needs are met, we are able to customize pureBacteria™ into higher or lower CFU counts. If you are unsure of what you need, please reach out to us and together we can discuss solutions adapted specifically to your circumstances. 

As with all of our products, pureBacteria™ CUSTOM is 100% organic and contain four types of bacteria that can be applied to significantly improve shrimp and fish health and enhance water quality of ponds, raceways, and hatcheries. PureBacteria™ digests high concentrations of organic matter and sludge in a safe and natural way, reducing ammonia and other harmful compounds through a natural oxidation process and promotes the production of oxygen. Probiotics International bacteria is turned into shelf-stable spores using a patented process, thus assuring high quality and improved viability.


  • Reduces the biological demand of oxygen, achieving a higher availability of dissolved oxygen for high-density cultivation and increased growth rates.

  • Reduces levels of ammonia, nitrogen, phosphorous, and other harmful compounds.

  • Colonizes digestive tracts, promoting better digestibility, immunity, health and survivability.

  • Accelerates the decomposition of sludge, waste, and organic matter, thus enhancing the floors of ponds.

  • Eliminates disagreeable tastes and smell.

  • Stabilizes algae bloom which consume large amounts of oxygen.

  • Serves as a bioremediator of stagnant water.